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I remember that, a while ago, Dishonored 2d20 was in the list of the systems being developed for FantasyGrounds by NerdEyeIndustries; I distinctively remember a thread in the FG forums where someone from NEI confirmed it would be released after John Carter from Mars.
Now it looks like all mentions of Dishonored have been removed, which makes me a sad panda because I was REALLY looking forward to it. I guess what I want to ask is: can anyone just officially confirm to me that NEI is not going to develop Dishonored 2d20, so I will put the final nail to the coffin of my excitement?
There is a playable beta for Foundry VTT. There's a working Star Trek Adventures rule-set, too.

I'd like to play these in Fantasy Grounds, but alas, it's taking far too long, and there are so few updates about progress that my players decided that we should proceed with Foundry.

The caveat is that you will have to own the game books themselves, and enter data for the things you'll need in prep. If you're not familiar with Foundry, there will be a bit of a learning curve, but there's plenty of documentation, and the Discord server is quite active and helpful.


Lo Zeno
Thank you, I found out about the FoundryVTT module a couple of weeks ago.
I had used FoundryVTT for WFRP previously, so I know how it works. Entering data is not too bad at the moment, I am entering things "as we need them" and I allow the players to enter the details for weapons and equipment as they find it, so it helps spread the burden.
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