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Hello all,

A few days overdue, but here we are.

GM will now have 9 pips in the lower left hand corner, ta account for the added dice for mobs.

Combat tracker Order number has also now turned into a pip. When it is clicked, it will turn green and the active player flag will jump to them. When you click the next round button in the bottom right corner of the CT, the pips will all uncheck.

I am having an issue still with the drag and drop problem mentioned last time, it seems unless there is already an entry in there, because this is an NPC, the CT code supersedes and add another entry to the CT, instead of to the mobs window. Still working on it.

For those not following the FG forums, it looks like Smiteworks is doing a major overhaul to FG. Next month they will be releasing 4.1, which kinda makes things more interesting for us. There are a lot of things that now will have conflicts that we are looking to have to fix. We are getting them fixed, and should have enough time to fix it before the update happens, but that is going to take a bit of focus for the next few weeks working on getting all our tables compliant to 4.1, so if I don't update for a little bit, that would be why.
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